Video Analytics Allow Your Team To Work Smarter – Today, it’s more important than ever to work smarter. Workforce shortages, budget cuts, and social consciousness directly impact how the security industry protects assets, facilities, and people. 

The good news is that Video Analytics are more intelligent than ever, cost-effective, and are available to meet almost any security or safety challenge. Additionally, security professionals have a wide range of options in the deployment of Video Analytics; they are available through video management platforms, camera, or cloud-based solutions. 

Video Analytics – Three Key Benefits

Guard Force Management: Do you need patrol officers monitoring parking lots or sitting in empty buildings? Not really; you can have virtual tours that automatically patrol a property, alerting the end-user to suspicious activity, and even manage parking lot security and space availability. AI can alert you to loitering, illegal parking, and trespassing. With available audio, you can directly communicate to individuals regarding suspicious activity. 

Maybe you have multiple properties, parking lots, or garages geographically spread out; no worries, you can be alerted to suspicious activity remotely and dispatch personnel or law enforcement if necessary.

Situational Awareness: AI lets you know that a suspicious package has been left unattended, a person may have a weapon, or a situation may escalate due to people gathering around. Specific AI notifications can automatically trigger events to occur to lock down access, notify people of an incident, and alert emergency responders. AI can cut response time by minutes, resulting in the saving of lives or reducing property damage. 

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Business Operations: Improve business efficiency using AI to recognize individuals, provide touchless access, manage elevator use, and count people. AI can reduce the reliance on security officers, save energy, and reduce a property’s CAM (Common Area Maintenace) cost. If you play your cards right, your security operation could help save your company, organization, or school money. 

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