Video Analytics

Video Analytics

CGL Electronic Security partners with the industry leaders in video analytics to make our client’s video surveillance systems smarter. Organizations, businesses, and schools can benefit by using video analytics to maximize their monitoring resources by providing actionable data that can trigger an automated response to an incident.

The CGL team can integrate video analytics to trigger events to control our client’s access control system, mass notification system, and intrusion detection system. Automated analytic triggers can provide on-premise security teams additional time to respond to a reported incident or security breach.

Tyco American Dynamics Video Analytics

Tyco AI

Powerful AI and video analytics can now be combined and integrated with the victor/ VideoEdge solution to strengthen operational efficiency and effectiveness. By simply allocating a license to a camera, the system will immediately begin collecting behavioral metadata reporting key performance indicators and trigger real-time alarms. Detect suspicious objects and abnormal behavior to identify trends that help mitigate threats, and pinpoint the exact location of alarms on maps to arm security teams with life-saving details. With the powerful, automated, and forensic search capabilities power by Tyco AI, victor/ VideoEdge users are able to save time when minutes matter.

BriefCam Video Analytics


By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, BriefCam transforms video into valuable insights for rapid video review and search, as well as patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS® technology; real-time alerting, and quantitative video insights.

BriefCam increases operational efficiency for people, companies, and communities to realize the value of their video through its innovative, comprehensive video analytics platform designed for flexibility and scalability with market-leading accuracy, performance, and user experience.



Security Center Omnicast™ is an IP video management solution (VMS) that gives you a clear picture of events and empowers you to quickly react to threats. The system scales with your needs and lets you take advantage of the latest hardware and analytics technologies. With a smarter approach to video, your operations and security improvements over time, helping you to make better, more informed decisions.

intuVision Video Analytics


intuVision was founded in January 2006 to meet the unique needs of the intelligence community for high-performance video content extraction solutions. With extensive experience in research, development, and deployment of video technologies, Dr. Guler recognized an unmet need for robust yet easily customizable video analytics for both government and commercial domains. She assembled a unique team of creative scientists and engineers who share this vision and created a new paradigm, designing video analysis algorithms to emulate the human visual cognition system, and a new generation of intelligent video was born.