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CGL Electronic Security’s relationship with our security technology and security system integrator partners provides CGL with the bandwidth to support our clients wherever they do business. CGL’s management team leverages their experience and security expertise to design the most cost-effective security systems specifically tailored to each client’s needs, providing clients with solutions, not excuses.

Security offerings include access control, video surveillance, communication systems, intrusion detection, doors, gates, turnstiles, life safety, managed access security services, and much more.

Access Control Security Solutions

Access Control

CGL Communication Systems

Communication Systems

Doors Gates Turnstiles Security Solutions

Doors. Gates. Turnstiles.

Intrusion Detection DSC HS2LCDPro

Intrusion Detection

Life Safety Gunshot Detection Security Solutions

Life Safety

Managed Security Services Security Solutions

Managed Access Security Services

Miscellaneous Data Storage

Other Products

Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Video Surveillance Security Solutions

Video Surveillance