Project Management May Just Win You An Oscar – Have you ever had a project go completely off track? It can happen for various reasons, primarily because of poor directing (project management.) 

Successful projects start with a well-defined scope of work that lays out goals, objectives, and expectations, not just the devices, software, hardware, and cabling specifications. A scope of work is like a movie script; the better the script, the more likely the project will be successful.  

Well-defined scopes of work are essential since they provide step-by-step instructions to attain desired results. Now, think of project management as filming an Oscar worth movie; it starts with a script, then you storyboard the scenes to shoot before investing additional resources, time, and money. By combining the scope of work with accurate drawings and device layouts, you start to build a story that anyone can follow.

The more accurate the scope and drawings, the more likely the project will be successful, but you still have some work to do if you want to win an Oscar. Don’t forget the project plan, the road map that brings together the scope of work, drawings, and contractors (actors) to ensure the project stays on time and within budget.  

Every Oscar worth project needs a great director, or in this case, a project manager. The person on your team who manages the schedule, gets the best out of the contractors, ensures everything is working as designed, and, most importantly, completes the project on time and within budget.

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You can spend days, weeks, months, and maybe even years working on a project, but before you walk the red carpet, don’t forget final commissioning, testing, and your final deliverables. Closing out a project should be like the world premiere of a movie. Take pride in what you did and accept your accolades, but don’t forget to thank everyone who helped along the way. 

The CGL Electronic Security team takes pride in every project and delivers an Oscar worth performance to ensure our clients are completely satisfied before signing off on any project. To learn more, visit the CGL website or contact me at

Mike McGuirk, Vice President of Sales, CGL Electronic Security

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