Emergency Preparedness And Electonic Security Systems

Have you included your electronic security systems as part of your emergency preparedness plans? How do you plan to keep your employees, visitors, or students safe during a crisis?

Electronic security systems can play an essential role in your emergency response planning when designed and integrated correctly. Today’s systems are smart and use embedded analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation to mitigate risk while protecting your most valued assets.

During a recent webinar hosted by LARGO Consulting Services, Bernard Gollotti, CPP, shared valuable insights in preparing for a Civil Disruption. After the webinar, Bernard and I had the opportunity to discuss how to incorporate electronic security systems into your emergency planning.

Civil Disruption Presentation

Civil disruption, also known as a civil disorder or civil unrest, is an incident that disrupts a community and requires intervention to maintain public safety. These incidents may be attributed … Download Presentation

Ten Things To Consider Regarding Emergency Preparedness

  1. Ensure that your electronic security systems are up to date and running the latest, tested software
  2. Perform regularly scheduled preventive maintenance check, including testing, checking, and cleaning of all peripheral devices and alarm notifications
  3. Check all doors and door hardware to ensure doors open, close, and secure correctly
  4. Test power supplies and emergency power
  5. Make sure your cameras are recording and that your team knows how to download the video
  6. Create triggered automate events – if “A” then do “B”
  7. Set auto-notifications to alert members of your team by text message and email of critical alarms and events
  8. Test your audible and digital mass notification systems
  9. Have multiple backups available to host your emergency operations center
  10. Consider installing gunshot detection, weapons detection, and other AI security devices that can you can integrate into your existing system to provide early warning detection

In addition to aligning your emergency preparedness plans and electronic security systems consider additional training for your staff and applying Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design strategizes to mitigate risk in the event of a disaster, emergency, or incident.

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