Multi-Sensor Cameras – Provide More Eyes For Less – Multi-Sensor Cameras (multi-lens) Provide More Eyes For Less – Technology continues to offer new ways of improving video surveillance without the cost associated with traditional camera installations.

Today’s state-of-the-art multi-sensor surveillance cameras provide a wider field of view than a single fixed camera. Think of it as getting two or even four views without the need to install two or even four cameras.

Multi-sensor Cameras Maximize Surveillance

Multi-sensor cameras provide multiple views from within a single camera housing. Yes, it may look spaceship-like, but don’t let the camera form factor scare you. A single-lens camera can survey a selected area; the size of the area surveyed depends on the lens focal length. On the flip side, a multi-sensor camera with multiple lenses provides a much wider surveillance area, depending on its position. For example, it can easily capture a 180-360-degree field of view if mounted on a ceiling, the corner of a building, or pole mounted.

This multi-sensor view adds functional and aesthetic minimalism to a facility or property. So, instead of having four cameras stationed together (with one facing forward, another facing down, and the two others facing the sides), you could have one multi-sensor camera. And it will capture the entire area more effectively than a traditional PTZ.

How many times have you missed something because the PTZ camera was not in a position to capture what you needed to see when you needed to see it?

Want more coverage? No problem, multi-sensor cameras are even available with an optional PTZ camera that allow you to zoom in to an area of interest during an event or incident.

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Less Cameras Equals Cost Savings

Using a multi-sensor camera significantly reduces the number of cameras you need to install, saving you money on hardware, infrastructure, and labor. For example, since multi-sensor cameras only require a single POE network connection, you essentially save money by having to pull a single network cable that can support multiple lenses.

Cost is significantly reduced compared to running cable to multiple sign lens cameras. 

Real-Time Surveillance and Recording

With multi-sensor cameras, you can combine real-time monitoring, analytics, and behavioral analytics, with multiple viewing, streaming, and recording options. Combining the robust features of multi-sensor cameras provides a powerful and reliable forensic investigation tool in the event of an incident.

Coupled with its robust AI analytics features, a multi-sensor camera can alert you to what matters most, such as intrusion detection, weapons detection, and people counting, to name a few of the available analytics.

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