Managed Access Control What You Need To Know – Are you still managing an on-premises access control system? If so, a managed access control partnership may provide an option to manage the system better while providing a more cost-effective solution. A few years ago, managed access control solutions were limited to only a few options. However, as Software As A Service (SAAS) and cloud-based technologies have improved, so have access control options.

Has your current access control system seen better days? Are you happy with your existing access control solution? No worries, there may be a managed service option or a hybrid option that allows you to have the best of both worlds. A new managed access solution may provide a more cost-effective solution, higher functionality, better cyber protection, and aesthetics than upgrading your existing system.

How Then Does Managed Access Control Come In?

Managed access control is like “cloud computing.” With minimal on-premises hardware, your access control solution, data management, updates, and system administration are completely managed remotely or as part of a hybrid solution. The uniqueness of managed access control solutions, like Openpath, is that third-party trained professionals work at a remote location to manage the system securely. Managed services include access administration, credential distributions, schedule management, etc.

Benefits of a Managed Access

Resource Optimization

On-Premises resources allotted to manage and provide administrative support for the access control system can be redistributed to handle other security-related duties.

Remote Management

System data is more secure and protected within a managed solution, primarily because the information is now cloud-based, mitigating the loss of data that often occurs due to unexpected computer or server failures.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Cloud-based access control solutions allow the end-user to access and manage the system remotely using a web browser or mobile device during regular operating hours or in the event of an emergency. If you cannot connect remotely, no worries, you can simply contact support and let them manage the system.

Updates and System Support

To mitigate system failure and human error, managed access solutions can monitor system health, cyberattacks, and remotely update your software and field devices connected to the system.

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