Mobile Credentials Are Digitally Transforming Access Control – Mobile Credentials are not a new concept for managing access rights, but they are finally becoming mainstream. Whether you are using an on-prem or managed access control solution, mobile credentials are changing how the security industry grants access privileges. 

Today’s access control solutions are built on the premise that individuals use mobile credentialing or a virtual ID for accessing buildings or secure areas. Why? Blame or thank Apple and other innovative technology companies. As we introduce and adopt new technologies at the college level, those technologies are becoming mainstream. 

As a society, we love convenience. We use our phones for everything, so individuals are more likely to take care of them. We are even willing to forgo privacy and, in some instances, security for the sake of convenience. A mobile credential or virtual ID provides convenience and security due to a simple premise; most people can’t live without their phones. Old school ID Cards get lost, forgotten, shared, and even cloned.

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As businesses and schools head back to in-person learning and return to office space, it’s essential to ensure that your electronic security systems operate at their peak performance. The Team at CGL Electronic Security has put together a program to assess your access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other devices, so they are ready when you are.

One of the biggest arguments against mobile credentialing was that there was no way to determine or question an individual’s identity since digital credentials didn’t provide a virtual ID. Well, that’s no longer the case. You can now have a mobile credential that provides a photo of the owner and other important information. By combining mobile credentials with two-factor authorization and biometric technologies, you can offer a much higher level of security to protect your organization’s or business’s most valued assets. 

Our access control technology partners, HID Global, Genetec, Lenel.S2, Openpath, RS2 Technologies, and Software House, provide a variety of mobile credentialing and Virtual ID options. But what is the right solution?  

Moving from traditional access technologies to new digital options doesn’t have to be a heavy lift. The CGL Electronic Security team is available to help you find the best security solutions to meet your access control needs. To learn more, visit the CGL website or contact me at

Mike McGuirk, Vice President of Sales, CGL Electronic Security

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