COVID 19 Mitigation Guide – The CGL Electronic Security Team has been working with our technology partners to find solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our team has researched touchless technologies, thermal imaging solutions, people counters, and video analytic solutions to keep our clients in the know.

You may have seen some of our posts, blogs, and newsletters as we provided updates over the last few months, but in case you missed something, we compiled everything into a single source, the CGL COVID-19 Mitigation Guide.

The CGL COVID 19 Mitigation Guide

People Counting To Promote Social Distancing

People counting allows organizations to safely regulate the number of people entering your facility to support safe social distancing in public settings.

As the country returns to a new normal, we must all work together to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in public settings. The people counting solutions monitor activity at a point of entry and alerts individuals when it is safe to enter using an easy-to-understand notification system.

Organizations can now monitor points of entry activity without adding additional staff to manage a queue to enter. Since people counters manage access, they help to reduce stress, risk, and confrontations so your team can concentrate on managing your business.

What businesses can benefit from using people counting? Any company, organization, or school that needs to track the number of individuals entering a public space that requires social distancing.

Face Mask Detection

Many businesses require or ask individuals to wear a face mask when entering the premises to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Checking people for face masks can be a daunting challenge, so CGL has researched and found effective solutions to determine whether a person is wearing a face mask automatically.

By combining video surveillance systems, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, mythology solutions are available to automatically determine if someone is wearing a face mask, track individuals in violation, and alert your team to the situation. The face mask detection solutions help alleviate the stress of monitoring individuals, promoting social distancing, and freeing up employees to do other tasks.

What are Touchless Access Solutions? Why all the fuss?

What are Touchless Access Solutions? Why all the fuss? The answer’s simple. Touchless Access Solutions can help mitigate the risk of spreading bacteria, germs, and viruses.

At CGL Electronic Security, we define a Touchless Access Solution as any device or combination of devices that provide the user the opportunity to gain access to a physical space without touching anything. Simply stated, if you have to physically touch anything that is not in or on your possession, it is not a valid solution.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “contact moves germs by touch (example: MRSA or VRE).” Individuals who have touched a contaminated surface “carry the germs on their hands and spread to a susceptible person when proper hand hygiene is not performed before touching the susceptible person.”

Depending on the surface, the germ can survive for some time. Any individual touching the surface can continue to spread the virus until the cycle is broken by disinfecting the contaminated surfaces.

An effective Touchless Access Solution starts by installing automatic door openers that automatically open the door when tied to a sensor or an access control device. If you have to touch any part of the door or a physical barrier such as a turnstile, it’s not a touchless solution.

Valid access credentials include biometric technologies, such as iris scans, voice recognition, gait recognition, facial recognition, thermal imaging, and mobile credentials.

Thermal Imaging Solutions

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about using thermal imaging devices to monitor pedestrian traffic. At CGL Electronic Security, we have been working with our technology partners to provide solutions to combat the spread of the pandemic to include the use of thermal imaging cameras.

But how do you know what camera is the best thermal imagining camera to meet your security and safety needs? Should you explore handheld options, tripod-mounted options, or a fixed camera option? What about the best camera brand?

Great questions, however, not quickly answered. Wading through all of the ads, social media posts, and news articles can be a daunting task, which is why CGL has put together a team of account managers, technicians, project managers, and solution partners to help you navigate through all of the options.

Although the technology is in high demand, it’s essential to know that thermal imaging scanners can only monitor an individual’s skin temperature, so businesses should deploy a series of screening measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 effectively.

In addition to thermal imaging cameras and devices, consider upgrading your Visitor Management System. Today’s systems can use a remote kiosk and walk visitors, tenants, delivery persons, and contractors through a series of prescreening questions. Other options include secure social distancing by using video intercoms to monitor and prescreen individuals entering the building.

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At CGL, we are working with our clients to provide a holistic approach to mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus. By combining multiple technologies, clients can provide the highest security and safety levels in protecting their buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, and critical infrastructure sites.

Electronic security systems are only part of the solution, so be sure to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for mitigating the spread of the virus.

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