AI Is Changing Video Surveillance – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing video surveillance in exciting ways. Let’s look at how AI can reduce human error, provide a proactive security approach, and improve security in protecting your most valued assets.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the role of the security officer

Video surveillance is in a period of dramatic change. Long gone are the days when security officers spend their days staring unblinkingly at fuzzy images on a blurry computer monitor! Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are pushing the field forward by improving security and making it possible for security teams to take real-time action based on data-driven analytics.

Video surveillance backed by Artificial Intelligence can automate weapons detection and employ behavioral analytics to proactively identify potential security breaches. AI allows security officers to be proactive rather than reactive.

Smarter searching

One of the most significant benefits of Artificial Intelligence is that it enables security teams to search hours of videos in seconds. It also eliminates unintentional human bias and human error.

Facial recognition has improved dramatically over the past few years. The Center for Strategic International Studies reported that “The best face identification algorithm has an error rate of just 0.08% compared to 4.1% for the leading algorithm in 2014, according to tests by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).”

In a nutshell: AI improves accuracy and speed — leading to easier crime detection and improved security.

AI security surveillance is scalable and connected

AI can analyze security footage across multiple locations. When used in a crime detection capacity, teams can use AI to analyze footage from hundreds of cameras. For example, this enables security officers to narrow parameters and quickly search for individuals wearing a green baseball cap or blue jacket — making it easier to identify and locate possible suspects. In an airport or train station, AI can identify suspiciously unattended luggage, and in retail locations, it can identify potential shoplifting behaviors.

Medium reports that “AI can make use of machine-based vision to sort the stored data and send alerts on the non-recognition of the system indicating the user of trespassing. The AI software has the ability to keep a record of the surveillance of hundreds and thousands of cameras.” Now that’s something that even the very best security guard couldn’t do!

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