How can touchless access control keep your workplace safe?

Facial recognition, mobile credentialing, and biometrics are driving the use of touchless access control. Let’s take a closer look at touchless access controls and how they improve security and workplace safety.

Improve employee safety

Touchless access control systems can utilize a personal mobile device or facial recognition technology — so your employees don’t have to touch a thing! And when you integrate access control with your visitor management systems, they can apply to anyone coming into your office — whether they work there full-time or are a one-time visitor.

Take touchless a step further and invest in automatic doors or install touchless hand sanitizing stations next to communal entry points.

Improve building security

Physical keys and fobs can be easily copied, cloned, or lost. Touchless access systems, however, are much less likely to be lost. After all, it’s pretty hard to misplace your face!

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Improve visitor and client satisfaction

Touchless sign-in experiences show your customers and visitors that you care about their health and safety.

Minimizing contact not only protects visitors to your building but also protects your workers.

Here are a few suggestions for implementing a touchless visitor management system:

  • Send visitors instructions via email or text, so they know what to expect upon arriving.
  • If they need to sign documents or have a photo taken, allow them to do that from the comfort of their own home.
  • Grant your visitor access to the build with a one-time QR code or, for more frequent visitors, an app they can download for ongoing access.

Cloud-managed touchless access control systems

How we work — and where we work — has likely changed forever. Although many workers are returning to the office, many corporations are embracing flexible, long-term remote work options.

Cloud-based systems can be operated and updated remotely. There’s no need to rush into the office when an employee loses an access card or when your systems need to be upgraded. System administrators can grant, revoke, monitor, change, or edit access and permissions from anywhere, at any time.

The pandemic may be coming to an end, but coronaviruses aren’t going to disappear, but we can make our world — and our workplaces — safer. Touchless access controls are a great way to improve security and protect your team from infection and illness.

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