Avoid An NVR Catastrophe – Organizations have never valued video surveillance and monitoring more than they do now. Our culture is data hungry. Today’s video surveillance systems provide a higher level of security intelligence and allow corporations to make business decisions based on actionable data and insights. The intelligence gained from video surveillance is highly beneficial since it can provide fresh insights into better operations and more proactive security planning.

Unless your Network Video Recorder (NVR) recently died, you probably haven’t given it much thought. So, don’t wait until it is too late. Start planning your system upgrade today.

Think of your NVR as nothing more than a server hosting your video management software and recorded video. After five years, the cost of maintaining your server increases; it’s probably slowing down and has a higher risk of failure.

So why not be proactive and plan on replacing your NVR before something catastrophic happens that causes you to lose your video and data. Your old NVR may look as though it’s running fine, but it’s slowly dying on the inside.

You have replacement options!

On-premises Storage Option

On-premises NVRs are the traditional approach to storing video surveillance footage, but they have limits. A traditional NVR is an excellent option if you don’t have a lot of video footage to store, have no compliance requirements, or the video you capture may not be relevant to your business or security goals.

On-premises storage is also a good option if you don’t have a lot of bandwidth or need to share the video across an enterprise. However, if your NVR crashes, you may not be able to recover that data and video footage. The good news is that CGL Electronic Security can help you maintain your recording and management solutions in good working order to mitigate the risk of failure.

Ready to upgrade, CGL can provide you with a new video surveillance platform scaled to meet your security and operational needs.

Hybrid Cloud-based Video Surveillance Storage

Video surveillance and data collection have become a necessity for many business and security operations. With the growth of video analytics, high-resolution cameras, and the need to archive video and data, storage has become more of a challenge.

Hybrid storage and video management solution options are increasing in popularity because they provide various benefits. It can be accessed from anywhere, provides redundancy, and provides on-demand storage options. A hybrid on-premises cloud solution is an excellent option if you are not ready or can’t host and manage all of your video footage in the cloud. Not sure if you need a hybrid storage or video management solution? No worries, the CGL team is prepared to help you decide on the best option to meet your security and operational needs.

Preventative Maintenance Provides Added Value

Like any building operating system, your electronic security systems require regular preventive maintenance to keep them working as designed to ensure your employees, students, and visitors are safe and secure. Although your security system can go years without needing any major maintenance, you don’t want to take a chance on something failing when you need it most. Read More

Avoid An NVR Catastrophe – Are you ready to move to the cloud?

Cloud-based video surveillance and management platforms reside in the cloud, nothing more than a remote server that can handle all your video surveillance and storage requirements. Connecting video surveillance to the cloud doesn’t’ impact what you see locally, but system management, upgrades, and storage are handled remotely, eliminating the need for an NVR.

Lastly, a cloud-based storage system for video surveillance can be a cost-effective and efficient way to store and manage video surveillance data depending on the number of cameras and storage requirements. You may not be ready for the cloud, and service providers are still determining the most effective way to support cloud-hosted video surveillance. Still, it is the future of the video surveillance industry.

As remote video surveillance becomes more popular in the home market, with systems like Arlo, Ring, and SimpliSafe, the security industry can expect to see a push toward cloud-based solutions for enterprise-level commercial implementations.

Which video surveillance and storage solution are best to avoid an NVR Catastrophe?

It depends on your overall video surveillance and operational requirements, which is why CGL Electronic Security partners with the leading video surveillance solution providers to meet your on-premises, cloud-based, hybrid video management, recording, and storage goals.

Contact us today for more information on how CGL Electronic Security can help you prevent an NVR catastrophe.

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The CGL Electronic Security Team of security professionals is available to help you make the right NVR solution to meet your specific video storage goals and objectives. If you are looking to install a new Network Video Recorder, update your existing NVR, or looking for alternative recording solutions, CGL can help.

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Mike McGuirk, Vice President of Sales, CGL Electronic Security

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